December 1, 2018

55th Anniversary Holly Pin

Our simplest holiday decorations are often the product of legends, myths and religious traditions that have been transformed. Holly symbolizes holiness, consecration, beauty and immortality. Some would take it into their homes to shelter elves and fairies. The holly has always been associated with mid-winter festivals and the Celtic tradition celebrating rebirth at winter solstice.

Liztech jewelry is all handmade using mirrored chrome. The pieces are all adorned using vintage stones, metal findings, parts, bits and anodized aluminum. Each piece of mirror is hand-cut using a scroll saw. The edges are then sandblasted and burnished. The piece then gets drilled and the stones are all set in their bezels. The pieces are then wire wrapped and beaded. Every piece of jewelry gets steam cleaned, signed and dated. Just turn yours over to see the year it was created!!!

Pins are $30 each and will be available for purchase on Holly Trail day at the Holiday Boutique Check Booth located in the lower level of Stanton Reformed Church.